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My Dads Survival through Juicing

This is a story about how a daughter began to question her Father’s Doctors, Specialists and the medical industry. It’s also a story about how those questions led to the unexpected juicing journey that saved his life.

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  1. Joan (Bridgit) Tyler (formerly Joan Willor) of Deming, WA

    Don, Ashley and Sami are amazing people who took matters into their own hands and proved that medicine in this country is ‘ass backwards’! I hope other people can heal, too, and get back on the road to good health! Don: I’m so glad to see you’re alive and thriving! Ashley: You go girl! I’m really proud of you! Love you guys!


  2. This is amazing and Ashley, you’re an inspiration!


  3. Very inspiring! Thank you Ashley, please allow me to reblog this wonderful story.
    May you be blessed with Peace and Abundance.
    Love & Light


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  6. Hi Ashley –

    What an amazing experience! Saw your post on LinkedIn.

    – Your dad looks so much better!
    – You & your boyfriend gave him a priceless gift of time, knowledge and health!
    – Never really understood juicing until you explained it.
    – Soda “pop” gives you away as a Northwest girl 🙂

    I see older folks caught in a vicious cycle of medicines that disrespects life. Thanks for sharing your story!


  7. Thank you for sharing this story! It is great to see how your father improved his heath and got off all his poison… I mean medicine. He is lucky that you stepped in and helped him with the juice. I have been sharing your story with everyone I talk to. Along with printing it off and re-blogging it.

    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
    Thomas A. Edison


  8. Just juiced and feeling great….thanks for the inspiration!


  9. What a story! 🙂 Just bought myself my first Juicer and can’t wait to get started!



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