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The Results

5 of the 10 side effects he was experiencing vanished as the diet was changed and the pills were removed.

His skin became less paper-like and fragile and actually started showing elasticity. The “slowed healing of cuts and bruises” was evidentially gone as we witnessed his torn arm and other wounds heal much more rapidly. The red and purple blotches on his hands got much lighter and his swelling decreased dramatically.

There was a noticeable change with my dad’s edema (swelling) and his energy in about 3 days. But it was by the 2nd week after much of the medications were decreased, the water pill, furosemide, was taken out of the pill box as well.

<< Picture of the swelling in his feet as it decreased to show a normal ankle and foot.


Through all of the juice googling, I quickly learned that beet juice is an excellent way to lower high blood pressure. We put the theory to the test and juiced a beet into a shot glass. Dad took the beet shot and within 15 minutes his blood pressure started dropping and normalizing. We were soon able to simply give him the beet juice shot in the morning and his blood pressure remained regulated throughout the day.


Needless to say, we eliminated the blood pressure medication, Lisinipril, and stuck with the (cheaper) beet juice.

We continued with three juices a day and removing medications as logically as we could with constant monitoring of the blood pressure and swelling. Every single day we watched him heal a little more. He soon started using a cane instead of the walker, except for longer distances while still building muscle.  And although stubborn, he did push himself to exercise!


It wasn’t long before he was even able to start juicing himself.


With the Prednisone and the water pill down to 10mg, his energy up, and walking better, he was ready to go home.

Before he visited and our juicing treatment started to work, his health had no indication of getting him through the next year. Before he left California, I reminded him that he’s going to need to get some new hobbies since he was obviously going to be here a while longer.


Shortly after he arrived home to Vashon Island, WA he was back at the doctors taking various organ and blood tests.  A few weeks later the results of his blood tests came back. This was what we had been waiting for… the proof! And we had it: other than being slightly high in potassium, with nothing to be concerned about, his results indicated much improvement as his levels were all stabilized.

His primary care physician was dumbstruck and the nurses had never witnessed anything like it. They told him they were accustomed to witnessing older people come in with problems similar to my fathers and never getting better.

They felt as though they were witnessing a miracle.

A few months later, more test results:

Chronic Kidney Disease showed that he no longer had the disease and his kidneys were improved and healthy.

The “incurable” auto immune, lupus-like disease were no longer attacking his kidneys. 

We questioned, researched, took action and juiced my dad to health, curing his kidney disease; something the doctors would never admit. 

Dad is  medication-free. He’s sharing his story happy and an inspiration to his family, friends and community.


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