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He was given referrals by his local general practitioner to see a handful of specialists in order to evaluate and devise a treatment plan.

Over the next couple of months his intake of medications increased as quickly as his symptoms.

In April 2011, just 5 months after my dad’s visit, he was to the ER and admitted to the hospital because of edema for two weeks. His body was holding so much water it was seemingly and visibly leaking out of his skin.

He was diagnosed with of acute anemia, extremely high blood pressure, damaged kidneys, liver issues, and an auto-immune-lupus-like-disease; though no concrete diagnosis was able to be confirmed due to the oddity of his symptoms.

I called the hospital as soon as I found out he was admitted.  When I spoke with a nurse she was unable to release any information on my his condition without my being there in person.  I couldn’t understand how it was possible that his daughter, who had Power of Attorney, was unable to obtain information on his condition or treatment. I was absolutely livid and made it known. They assured me that, by law, there was no way that I could be given information over the phone.

I got on the quickest flight I could to Washington and walked down the halls of the hospital and introduced myself the next afternoon.

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