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So many choices! 

There are many options and debates regarding juicers, brands and effectiveness; don’t let the choices overwhelm you! The worst mistake you can make is simply not making the leap and starting your new juicing routine.

“What Juicer Do You Use”

Jack LaLanne’s Ultimate Power Juicer is what we use. It’s not the absolute best on the market, but we love it!

Just Starting to Juice? Find something that you know you can return in case you aren’t happy with the performance of the juicer. We bought our juicer at Costco, which gave us some security knowing that if we didn’t like it they have a stellar return policy. Costco: Jack LaLanne’s Ultimate Power Juicer


What is YOUR favorite juicer?

Many people land on this blog who are already a part of the juicing community. What are your favorite juicers? Tell us in the comments below!

Here are a few reviews on Juicers to get you started!  Best Juicer Reviews