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The Epilogue

It took just 30 days of juicing organic fruits and veggies to get my dad off of 17-22 mediations that were “tackling” the various symptoms of his “lupus-like disease” or “chronic kidney disease” and high blood pressure.  

He is now on zero medications as a result of juicing.

For those of you wondering what my dad did after he was healthy, pictures are below of his trip to Nicaragua!!

Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America.

Nicaragua: one of the safest countries in Central America.

We primarily stayed in the town of San Juan Del Sur, which is very close to the borders of Costa Rica.

We spent 3 weeks on a farm called Finca Las Nubes in the hills above the town of San Juan Del Sur.

Here is the video we create from the first location we spent time at: Finca Las Nubes:

At Finca and in San Juan Del Sur we were able to keep eating fresh, whole foods and fish!

The farm has an amazing amount of trees, animals, and gardens full of fruits and veggies.

The farm is huge with many trails to blaze.

A long trail leads to the beach Playa Yankee. This is where they filmed Survivor. It’s not easy to find, and no one was out.

Across the way we see Costa Rica. It was a beautiful, hot day with waves crashing, butterflies flying and a beach all to ourselves.

After our stay at Finca Las Nubes, the remainder of our trip was at the beautiful and well known resort: Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa right in the town of San Juan Del Sur.

Here’s a video we created for Pelican Eyes during our stay!




While Sami and I filmed from the Panga, dad took a ride on the Pelican Eyes Sail Boat.

Not a bad ride!

Sunset at the end of the sailing trip

Father and Daughter at the beach.

Father and Daughter chatting on the beach of Playa Hermosa.

Fresh coconut water is amazing at the beaches on those hot days!

Sami and Dad making friends with the locals and expats while enjoying the weather and beach time.

There are no bad views.

Enjoying the scenery and juices at Playa Madaras.

It wasn’t long before we were all climbing a massive, extremely steep stairs to reach a giant Christ on top of a hill that overlooks San Juan Del Sur.

To the top!

Enjoyed the well deserved view at the top!! Not bad for someone who wasn’t able to walk a few months before!!

Exploring and making friends in Rivas.

Travel in Rivas

View in front of the beautiful volcanoes.


Nicaragua Sunset View

And lastly, here is another one of the many beautiful sunsets we experienced in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua




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  1. DonnaBonnaBoBonna

    I love this so much!!


  2. great story and so inspiring !


  3. Just wow I read the story and now seeing these pic I am amazed I been juicing for about 8months and there is absolutely no turning back!!!


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