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Renal Diet Disaster

When we arrived at my apartment it was time to bandage the wounds and I was not prepared. In fact, I was completely panicked. I second guessed myself and our decision to bring him to LA. I hadn’t juiced what did I know? I questioned myself. He was so frail and weak, I was stunned.

I’m stunned at the site of everything and I turn to see my dad  pull out a bag of Jelly Beans he had brought along. With all of the damage and bad
stuff going on inside of him, I was shocked he wanted to put that into his body. He simply told me that they were allowed with the hospital diet he was given.


First ingredient: Corn Syrup.

How is Sugar and corn syrup allowed in his daily diet yet he was supposed to watch the amount of water he took in? The logic baffled me.

I spent a lot of time looking over the nutritional advice from the hospital.  Through the documentaries, I felt confident that I now knew what really made sense to eat for someone in his condition, and I guaranteed him that it was not jelly beans.

Looking through his renal diet print outs from the hospital I was flabbergasted. Even plain common sense had me questioning why the doctors would suggest this diet to him. 

1) Protein. Well, if he has protein in his urine, why  on earth would they recommend him eat protein?? His body can’t handle it, so why feed that to him?! 

There was no doubt in my mind that he did not need to eat meat, so, we relied on plant-based protein. 

4) Phosphorous. Low Phosphorous substitutes.

We eliminated Dairy from his diet. (11 reasons to stop eating dairy)

The low phosphorous substitutes were a joke as well.  This category showed us that he was allowed to drink soda. Is this sponsored by PepsiCo?? Soda is not what a body needs to heal itself!

And the topper to make me really lose my mind: “eat enough calories to maintain weight” listing butter and margarine, cream cheese and fried foods! 

The next sheet showed more specifically what he should and can eat. Again, we were totally dumbfounded to find cake, pies and cookies on the list. Not to mention the rice, pasta and noodles. His body was doing all this work to try and heal itself, being overtaken by medications, yet the advice was to consume “food” that has no nutritional value and the body will have to use a lot of energy to process? Why make the body work through its miles of intestines, kidneys and liver to get bad food through the system? Why are they making his body do so much work?

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