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Frustrated & Googling

While we waited, I accessed the Wi-Fi in the hospital from my laptop. I decided to organize my questions for the Doctors, and start my research.  I quickly noticed a pattern as I researched each medication: Many of the medications had side effects that included the exact conditions he was suffering from; specifically and most dramatically, high blood pressure and edema.

The nurses informed us that he might need a second blood transfusion. The first transfusion had indeed helped his anemia, but I couldn’t understand how they could need to do a second so soon. After witnessing the damage to his arm the first time, I began frantically Googling about blood transfusions.

The first thing I saw was about Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the stuff that makes leaves green and puts grass stains on your clothes. It is also the undisputed king of blood builders, which is why green leafy vegetables are important to building healthy blood.”  (source “The Life is in the Blood”)

“The chemical makeup of chlorophyll is the same as human hemoglobin at the exception of one molecule.” (source “Natural Treatments for Anemia”)

I asked a new nurse if he had ever heard of patients being given Chlorophyll for anemia.  I was shocked when he admitted he had never heard of chlorophyll.

undisputed king of blood builders

The second transfusion was ordered and, thankfully, administered with no problems and brought improvement.

Frustrated, without answers, and with still no Doctors available, I asked the nurse for a report of all of the medications my dad was prescribed. With 3 hours of waiting I checked in with the nurse 3 more times. I then asked for a list of the prescribing Doctors. As of this moment we had not seen any of the Specialists or Doctors responsible for his Kidney treatment.  The tests and prescriptions were ordered by the absent Hospitalist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist and Rheumatologist.

Fed up with waiting, I asked about transferring hospitals.

Suddenly, the aforementioned Doctors began to make their appearances…

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