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Choosing a Juicer

So many choices! 

There are many options and debates regarding juicers, brands and effectiveness; don’t let the choices overwhelm you! The worst mistake you can make is simply not making the leap and starting your new juicing routine.

“What Juicer Do You Use”

Jack LaLanne’s Ultimate Power Juicer is what we use. It’s not the absolute best on the market, but we love it!

Just Starting to Juice? Find something that you know you can return in case you aren’t happy with the performance of the juicer. We bought our juicer at Costco, which gave us some security knowing that if we didn’t like it they have a stellar return policy. 

What is YOUR favorite juicer?

Many people land on this blog who are already a part of the juicing community. What are your favorite juicers? Tell us in the comments below!

Here are a few reviews on Juicers to get you started!  Best Juicer Reviews

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  1. I have an old champion and I feel it gets more juice out of the pulp than others but sometimes I am in too much of a rush and I pack too much in and it heats the juice up more than I like. This actually causes a loss of nutrients. I am going to get the attachment to do wheat grass that I grow. I also grow my own sprouts and load up any sandwiches with tons of sprouts as well as juice them. Live foods for live bodies.


  2. I currently use a Masticating juicer called the Compact Premier here in Australia.

    The only thing I don’t like about the compact is it juices very slowly being a slow juicer.

    I have been looking at a juicer called the Power Grind Pro by

    In Australia, where I am living, the PGP juicer is made by Russell Hobbs and is called the Juiceman Pro.

    So with all the good review of the power grind pro, I have placed an order for the Russell Hobbs, Juiceman Pro and it should arrive sometime this week.



  3. Lillian A Chilson

    This is a centrifigul juicer. It does ok for general purposes, but juice needs be consumed the day it is obtained. The reason is that it literally throws the juice out of the shredding process, causing a faster oxidation process, deteriorating the ability to have any storage longer than that day…preferably drinking immediately. A champion is a masticating juicer. Low heat, low impact to the juice. low exposure to oxidation. A Green Star is a duel gear. better than champion for decreasing oxidation, exposure to the juice, and can be kept up to 3 days before loosing quality. An Ormron is a single gear. Similar in response and quality retention to the Green Star. You can also help preserve longer the freshness and quality, by using a Food Saver, to extract air from your mason jar, making it a vaccum sealed container. The cadillac of juicers is the Norwalk. THis is the one that Dr Lorraine Day,MD used and recommends with her healing from cancer. Whatever the juicer, the key is to juice for health and life! To your best health always! Hallelujah Acres is a good resource on info on juicing and juicers.


  4. Hi.

    I have been juicing with an Australian Compact Premier juicer for about 9 months.

    It’s a masticating slow juicer and it works really well.

    I spotted the Ray Kordich, Power Grind Pro at

    In Australia, I discovered that the same juicer is made under patent by Russell Hobbs & is called, the Juiceman Pro.

    I purchased the Juiceman Pro 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it!

    It juices really well and because it’s a hybrid juicer, it cuts like a centrifugal juicer and then grinds like a slow juicer.

    It spins at only 3000 rpm, (Australian version) & I have found that the juices are smoother and taste sweeter than with my Compact Premier.

    I even did a taste test with a friend, without telling which juicer’s juice my friend was tasting, she chose the Juiceman Pro as making the nicest tasting juice.

    I am really happy it and it is much quieter than a breville juicer.

    Thanks and take care.



    • Compact Premier parts are prone to cracking and breaking. They wont tell you but they have had issues with manufacturing faults in some juicing screens, augers and homogenising cones. Poor quality mouldings too, Annie


  5. Glad I found this post. I have been juicing with the Breville Juice Fountain now for a little over a year and it is still going strong but looking a bit worse for wear. I’m moving soon so thought I would leave my old juicer with my house mate and use the move as an excuse to try something different. Everyone I personally know who juices also uses the breville, but as a juice blogger I wanted to try something different so that I could review and compare. Product Review only has two reviews of the Russell Hobbs and they are both negative, but I think people only tend to review things when they have a bad experience, and, as Garry said, the JAY Kordich has great US reviews. I’m still not sure, but I am leaning to the Russell Hobbs more and more. As great as a 100% masticating juicer is, I think all the claims about them producing better quality juice is more marketing than fact so I am not convinced I want to spend that much just to try it myself. Gee I wish they had demo models of masticators so we juicers could actually try them out before we buy. Anyway, thanks for the post.


  6. I have both a masticating juicer which I used for about 12 months for a growth in my left kidney.

    I then got the Russell Hobbs from David Jones online and I really love it.

    It’s basically a Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro with a slower 3000rpm motor as opposed to 3600 rpm with the PGP.

    In a blind taste test with a friend of mine, the Russell Hobbs produces sweeter and smoother tasting juices than my masticating juicer.

    It is faster than a masticating juicer and is able to handle whole carrots and cucumbers if pushed slowly but it’s not as fast as a Breville because of the grinding action.

    Also the Russell Hobbs is very quiet while running.

    I contacted Jay Kordich in America and he knew nothing about our Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro and says it’s not affiliated with him in any way.

    I love the Russell Hobbs.


    • Thanks Garry, I think I’m going to just go for it. I promote the Breville a lot for people new to juicing because I use it myself, think it is a great juicer, and as previously mentioned am not 100% convinced about the marketing of masticators as better juicers. But with the Powergrind being a hybrid I really think it is worth a look as it is on the same price level as the Breville anyway…. Interesting what you say about Jay Kordich not knowing about Russell Hobbs.

      May I ask how your kidney is?



  7. I have a masticating juicer which works just great & I purchased the Russell Hobbs, Juiceman Pro from David Jones online and absolutely love it!

    It’s basically a Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro but the a slower 3000 rpm motor as opposed to 3600 rpm for the PGP.

    In a blind taste test with a friend, the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro makes sweeter, smoother tasting juice than my masticating juicer.

    It runs very quietly and can juice whole carrots and cucumbers if fed slowly.

    It also juices leafy greens just fine but not quite as good as my masticating juicer.

    It’s also faster to juice with than my masticating juicer but still not as fast as say a Breville because of the extra grinding action.

    I contacted Jay Kordich in America and he says the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro is in no way affiliated with him and knows nothing about it so someone has managed to slightly alter his design and market it here in Australia and New Zealand under a different name.

    I really love the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro.


  8. Hi.

    I think you will like the hybrid technology in the Russell Hobbs.

    I spoke to Jay and he said firstly that he has no more connection with being called the, Juice man so he would therefore never put that name onto anything he endorses.

    I believe Russell Hobbs is made up of a few different companies and the one that operates here in this part of the world somehow got the rights to alter Jays design slightly and then market it as the JuiceMan pro.

    There’s not a lot of difference though.

    The main one is a 600 rpm slower motor and slightly different color scheme but it performs very well.

    I even called David Jones to find out more from their customer service department and although they sell the product, they seemed sincere in saying I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    Jay said to me that in the end at least it’s getting juicing out to the world and that “no one man owns juicing”. Think he is a very nice person.

    Ok with my kidney it’s a long story but briefly I had a bad accident as a bus driver in 2009 which resulted in the company I used to work for called Busways, setting me up in 2012, with the help of QBE Workcover and finding and excuse to sack me and that happened just one week out from having a $10,000 operation to repair my left knee to be paid by workcover.

    For those three years I continued working reduced duties.

    During that time, it was discovered that I had a complex kidney cyst in my left kidney which is believed to have been caused by excess pain killers and stress.

    It was found to be benign which is unusual but that’s why I hit the juicing and I think it made a difference.

    I have another checkup in October.

    My lawyers were able to get me the operation by taking my previous employer to court and getting a court order for their insurance to finally pay for my operation.

    I was almost ready to go into a wheelchair.

    My operation was done in February 2013 but because I was forced to wait so long, it’s not got the result we were hoping for and I still use a walking stick to limp around.

    Also I was affected pretty badly psychologically to the extent that I may have to go onto a disability support pension once workcover stop paying my weekly payments.

    It’s a real example of how a comcompany can really ruin an employee’s life through negligence and bullying but I don’t miss driving as a bus driver and I have downgraded my licence and received a disability parking permit for my car.

    The accident wasn’t even my fault as the other driver in a bus owned by another company was talking on his mobile phone and crashed into the side of my bus.

    It has allowed me to better my health through juicing and a product called, Daily Bio Basics from Lifeplus which really helps.

    All my links are at: aboutme/garrywatkins.

    Take care and if you buy the Russell Hobbs online it’s $169 otherwise David Jones & Myer sell it for $199 I believe.

    All the best Mate.



    • Hi Garry,
      Yes I’ve seen the Russell Hobbs at David Jones, and I believe they are also selling it at BigW now, though it is still cheaper online and David Jones said they would sell it to me in store at the online price which is good.

      It’s great that you have found juicing to be helpful with the cyst and it will be interesting to see what the results will be at your next check up. When I started juicing I had a few health problems too. I started off doing a juice only fast for a while to give my body a really good cleanse, after which my blood sugars were normal and I no longer needed to take meds for insulin resistance. I recently found out I have a pre-cancerous growth on my cervix and my doctor has suggested a hysterectomy, however, I am inclined to stick with juicing and follow up in a year to see if it has reduced or perhaps even gone completely.

      I am in WA by the way.

      Sarah 🙂


      • Hi again Sarah.

        Yes I forgot about big W.

        I have heard lots of good things about WA and one day I’ll take my wife and have a look. There’s so many interesting places in Australia to see but my wife being Philippino, we tend to go back to the Philippines every 1 or 2 years so she can see her family.

        It’s funny because Jocee just got her Australian citizenship after being here since 2007 and she is very proud about that, however when she received her new Australian passport this week, Jocee noticed it says, Place of Birth: Taytay Rizal Philippines & then it says Nationality: Australian.

        So she got all emptional seeing that she is no longer a Philippino.

        That’s until I reminded her of the fact that The Philippines and Australia both have an agreement to allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship and then she was fine. 🙂

        Look after yourself. I have lost a few family members to cancer but actually that’s not very nice to say. My mum had a hysterectomy and all I can say was it didn’t help her at all.

        Just keep the juices and nutrition up and try to stay away from stress and radiation such as major power lines/stations.

        I believe it all plays a part.

        You have probably seen this video about how the hybrid juicer works but I’ll send you the link just in case.

        Just click on the video on the top left of the screen.

        Also remember though that the Russell Hobbs is definitely not a Breville and does not like to be loaded and forced as much as the Breville however it is much easier to use than a masticating juicer. Kinda middle ground I guess.

        Take care.



  9. Hi again Sarah.

    I made a mistake with the link. is the correct one.

    Daily Biobasics can be found at

    It’s an amazing product as are all the Lifeplus products.

    Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

    Take care.


  10. Hi therer to who ever. In regards to the issue of a juicer. I am a nurse, but I am also a health minister throught Hallelujah Acres. They are into the vegan lifestyle, following Genesis 1:29.for recommendations on what to eat, and to reverse and or manage or help the body to heal itself. Their recommendations for optimal juicing is to use either a champion or a greenstar. Champion is a masticating juicer. GreenStar is a gear driven juicer. The differences are: with the Juiceman, it is a centrifigal juicer. They are ok if you don’t have any conditions you are dealing with. You also need to drink the juice immediately, due to rapid deterioration from oxidation as a result of literally, air being thrown into the juice as a result of the spin motions. The next best is the Chankpion. The masticating juicer goes at a slow speed, and very little heat. Price usually about $225. You may find one on Craig’s list for less or E-bay. Not sure. They last forever. You may have to replace the masticating blade, but the motor lasts a long time. The GreenStar is like the Cadillac of juicers. It is a gear driven, which is very low speed, very to no heat, and really extracts juice well, including your grasses like alfalfa or wheat grass. The other gear driven one is Ormron. It is a single gear. Same principle as Greenstar. Less expensive. GreenStar is about $500, GreenStar plus is over $600. The Mercedes of juicers is the Norwalk. it also has the pricetag of one about $1500 or more.


    • Hi Lillian, yes I agree the norwalk would be top of the range as it is cold press, and not to mention would last a life time or two no doubt. I think the twin gear juicers have a lot of merit too, and think that for someone who is addressing serious illness would be worth the extra money. For every day juicing though I still can’t find any information to substantiate the claims that masticating is better than centrifugal. I guess though it still comes down to the quality of the machine overall, and of course the taste at the end of the juicing process. I’m looking forward to trying the Juiceman/Powergrind, though looking at the inside mechanism it looks more centrifugal than masticator, perhaps this is different in design to the US version.


  11. Hi mate.

    Yes you are right that the juiceman is a centrifugal juicer.

    I’m actually talking about the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro which is basically the same as the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro.

    These 2 juicers are still centrifugal however they run at about the third of the speed of other centrifugal juicers.

    Also after the blade has cut the produce, there is an additional step which grinds the the fruit and veg before sending the juice into the container.

    The juicers can even juice nuts and seeds like almonds because of the addition of the grinder.

    I have both the masticating juicer and the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro/Jay kordich Power Grind Pro.

    These juicers are known as hybrid juicers and I did a great deal of research about them before making a purchase.

    Jay Kordich on his website shows how the hybrid juicers oxidation level is very similar to that of a masticating juicer and certainly a great deal better than conventional centrifugal juicers such as the breville, juiceman, jack lalane etc.

    The taste is certainly nicer than my masticating juicer and because of the grinder, there is virtually no pulp in the juice and it’s certainly not necessary to use a strainer with the Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro/Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro.

    Again you can find out more by looking at Jay’s website or just Google Jay Kordich.

    He is in America and I’m in Sydney, Australia so I don’t know Jay Kordich personally.

    Hope this clears up any confusion.

    Take care.



    • Thanks Garry,
      It has thrown me a bit knowing that the Russell Hobbs isn’t exactly the same as the Jay Kordich as far as speed goes, I must admit I love the speed of my Breville. Still, I’ve decided I will buy the Russell Hobbs, at least then we can get an Aussie review up on Youtube as so far all the ones I have seen are US. I’d also like to compare the Breville and Hobbs side by side… one day I’ll have a twin gear to add to my collection I’m sure. I think if you click on my name it links to my blog or website, but if not here it is I wont be buying the new machine until I move (to Tasmania in November) but when I do I will put up a detailed review which you might like to comment on 🙂

      Sarah 🙂


      • Hi Sarah.

        Hope your Sunday has been nice.

        In regards to a slightly slower rpm for the Russell Hobbs, It works out at 10rpm/second slower than The PGP.

        I don’t know if 10 rpm would make that much difference.

        I have looked at the breville being used by such sites as The Life Regenerator and Blend happy and I can certainly see that it’s mean juicing machine but I think pretty loud as well.

        I have noticed that the breville will juice 3-4 carrots at once so it’s a very strong machine.

        The Russell Hobbs will not do that. Only 1 at a time or possibly 2 small ones.

        The main reason for that I think is the grinding action. If you feed too much into the Russell Hobbs in one go, it gets backed up in the grinder after being chopped up by the blades and this causes the machine to vibrate and sound like it is struggling a bit but mine has never stopped because of it.

        I think without the grinder, it would juice faster but the juice would be less nutritious and probably less of it as well because the grinder is doing the final “squeeze” if you like.

        Wow you are off to Tassie.

        I was born and bred in Hobart on the Eastern Shore in a place called, Howrah and my Gran Mother lived just over the Tasman Bridge on the Eastern Shore in a place called, Lindisfarne. My Nan passed away last year a week away from turning 93 and my Pop passed away a week away from turning 98.

        It’s the Tassie air I think and the quieter way of life that gives them the longevity.

        Tasmania is supposed to have the cleanest winds in the world blowing off the Roaring 40s on the west coast.

        We moved to Sydney in 2008 because although I was a Government bus driver working for Metro Tasmania, my wife could not find a job. The uniform for Metro Tasmania is a green one so the joke was we all looked like Kermit the frog.

        So we moved here and a year and a half later, I had my accident so my wife is the only one working now.

        We moved from the most beautiful city in Australia to well, Sydney.

        Am I dumb or what? 🙂

        I love Tasmania, it’s people and the lifestyle and one day we will go back there.

        I have never really settled in Sydney because I just find it too busy, stressed and a little unkind. So I’m currently feeling very jealous! 😉

        I used to go for walks with my dad and if you can do it, the 8 hour return walk to Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Claire is simply beautiful. Mount Wellington, looking over Hobart is gorgeous to of course.

        Have fun in Tasmania.

        Take care.



      • Hi again mate.

        Just another thought as well.

        The Russell Hobbs does not create much, if any froth in the juice and that’s even if you don’t use a strainer which I don’t so that tells me there’s very little oxygen being thrown into juices.

        I normally juice the night before and put them into an air tight container and my wife takes hers to work and drinks it around midday.

        Jocee reckons the difference with and without the Juice is day and night in regards to her energy levels as she works in a shop as assistant manager and her job is pretty physical so there’s definitely some good nutrition remaining in our juices.



  12. Hello Sarah. Thank you for the reply. As to the differences of juicers, champion vs centrifigual, the information that I received is from Hallelujah Acres. If you wish to research info from them, you will find it. The reason as stated that centrifrigal is not as advantageous as the masticating juicer, is the issue of oxidation, and therefore the decrease in quality of juice. The spinning causes too much air to be put into the juice, which is what is causing the increased oxydation and juice quality being diminished. The masticating and gear driven juicers, don’t do that. That is the great difference that I can see. That and the issue of no or low heat. At least that is what I learned from my source, above. Hope that this clarifies for you. Also Dr Lorraine Day, MD is a resource for juicer information breakdown. Have a great day.


    • Thanks Lillian, much of what is claimed by those in the masticating camp is valuable in theory, and a lot of the info on triturating and of course the Norwalk cold press style juices makes immediate sense. I don’t feel comfortable making claims on my own website unless I have some sort of reputable source to cite, so for now when it comes to juice machines I can only go by my own experience. It would be great to see some scientific research on this topic. I go through phases where i have a look around for info, then I forget about it again for a while. One day I will find some solid info though I am sure. In the mean time, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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